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April 01 2015

Top 10 Ugliest Animals

A lot of birds, parrots ended up famous for a few weeks. Many of them were very old, some of them were very smart and a few of them had strange appearance. The latest member in the illustrious number of famous birds is known as Oscar. Even though this is not a unique name at all, the bird itself features a very good chance to be the most interesting animal you've ever seen.Animal

Oscar is a cockatoo, but it's much stranger compared to those cockatoos that are dancing to Backstreet Boys music, or those that are terrorizing cats or larger animals. The reason being very simple. Oscar does not have feathers. OK, it has a few on the head but the rest of its person is completely naked... Featherless... Should you have had not seen Oscar, make a bald chicken which is running, throwing pens, dancing to Mick Jagger hits. Laugh

The reason is a rare illness, beak and feather disease. In most cases this illness is deadly and doesn't allow more than six months. Oscar was diagnosed some 12 years ago. Although it (or she) has not had a full coat of feathers, often it has feathers in some places. But because of the deadly illness, these feathers are extremely irritating to the bird, she pulls them out. This is a harder mission on the head, that is the reason why Oscar has a few funny feathers about the eyes.

Since the disease is contagious the famous animal might not be together with other birds. Her new home is in Florida, in Broward County Humane Society Shelter. But do not think of Oscar as a sad and pathetic creature. During the last 12 years this phenomenal bird became the greatest sensation of the shelter, and caught the eye and heart of a huge selection of visitors.

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